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  322. Visa Buys Ripple-Partnered British Fintech “Earthport Plc”
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  337. Bitmain Reportedly Will Sack Up to 85 Percent of Workforce
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  339. Black Christmas as Brazilian Bitcoin Exchange Loses Founder in a Car Crash
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  1107. BTCC Announces the "Indefinite" Closure of Its Mining Pool
  1108. XRP Doubles Ethereum In Market Cap As It Kicks Off A Surprise Bull Run – Is Bitcoin The Next Target?
  1109. Bitfury Secures $80M in Private Funding Round
  1110. Cryptocurrency Hackers Arrested in Turkey
  1111. Blockchain is Airdropping $125M in Stellar Lumens to Its Wallet Users
  1112. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Quick Bullish Pullback Opportunity
  1113. MINDEX, GMEX Group and HYBSE join forces to launch the first blockchain securities exchange in Mauritius
  1114. Stellar Foundation to Airdrop $150 Million in XLM to Blockchain Wallet Users
  1115. Andrew Fleming, Former Dow Jones Executive, Joins BTC Inc as Head of Media
  1116. Ethereum Price Analysis: Despite Upbeat Preview, ETH/USD Bearish Below $250
  1117. TRON (TRX) To Decentralize Further By Removing the Power of the Genesis Representative
  1118. Vitalik Rejects Rumors of Him Leaving the Ethereum (ETH) Project
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  1123. BitMEX Launches New Fork Monitoring Website to Keep Track of Bitcoin Forks
  1124. Market Still Hot for Asia’s Largest Freelancer Marketplace App
  1125. New DASH Text Payment Service, Eases Cross Border Remittances in Venezuela
  1126. Japanese Company Trials Cryptocurrency Payment Option for Limousine Rides
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  1138. ShapeShift CEO: Crypto To Overtake Scammy Fiat
  1139. AMD Partners With Seven Major Tech Firms to Create Better Products for Crypto Miners
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  1141. Tether (USDT) Returns To $1.00 Parity After Weeks Of Skepticism
  1142. Coinbase Lists BAT, Could Stellar Lumens (XLM) Be Next?
  1143. Rapper T.I. and Business Partner Ryan Felton Sued for Securities Fraud
  1144. Winklevoss Brothers File Charges Against Bitcoin Investor And Ex-Convict Charlie Shrem – They Want 5,000 Bitcoins
  1145. Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice Recognized Petro Cryptocurrency as Legal Tender
  1146. The Future Stellar Lumens [XLM] $1.00 Prediction Turning Visible
  1147. U.S. S&P 500 Price Index Now More Volatile Than Bitcoin (BTC)
  1148. The SEC to Rule on 9 Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs After November 5th
  1149. Google CEO’s Son Adopts Crypto, Mines Ethereum (ETH)
  1150. OKEx Beats Binance and Wins the Title of “Crypto Exchange of the Year” at Malta’s Cryptocurrency Conference
  1151. Bears Strike Again: BitMEX Analysts, CEO Call For Bitcoin Price To Hit $2,000
  1152. Coinbase Is Officially Adding Support for Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  1153. Ripple Exec: XRP Is “Bitcoin 2.0” – It’s Like Bitcoin On Steroids
  1154. SEC’s End-of-Fiscal-Year Report Reveals Heavy Action Against ICO-Related Fraud
  1155. TRON Founder Justin Sun: “This is Just the Beginning of a Fantastic Story”
  1156. Taiwan Amends AML/CFT Laws, Includes Regulatory Requirements for Cryptocurrency Operations
  1157. Winklevoss Twins Sue Charlie Shrem For Allegedly Stealing 5,000 Bitcoin
  1158. Bitcoin ETF in 2018 is Highly Unlikely, Says ‘ETF Godfather’
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  1161. IOTA (MIOTA) Now Supported on the Ledger Nano S
  1162. Ledger to Suspend Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Support on the 15th of November
  1163. John McAfee Will Run for President in 2020 to Promote Cryptocurrency
  1164. Ethereum CryptoKitties Creator Scores $15M From Google, Samsung
  1165. Blackrock CEO: Crypto Still Lacking Legitimacy, Bitcoin ETF Will Have To Wait
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  1167. Bithumb and seriesOne Partner to Launch U.S. Securities Token Exchange
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  1169. Tether Confirms That It Is Banking With Bahamas-Based Deltec
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  1171. Hong Kong Securities Regulator Promises to Regulate Crypto Investment Funds
  1172. Ethereum 2.0, Pure Casper and Never Seen Before Scalability – Vitalik Buterin
  1173. Coinsource Receives BitLicense to Operate Bitcoin ATMs in New York
  1174. Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Returns Positive: 0x ZRX Highlight
  1175. Unchained Capital Revamps Loans With Multi-Party, Multi-Sig Storage
  1176. Brazil: Cryptocurrency Wins! Court Orders Banks to Reopen Exchanges’ Accounts
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  1192. JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Does ‘Not Give a Sh*t’ About Bitcoin (BTC)
  1193. Indian Officials Consider Ban on “Private Cryptocurrencies”
  1194. Cryptocurrency Faces Blanket Ban in India
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  1199. Huobi to List Nano (NANO)
  1200. American Man To Be Sentenced For Dealing Millions In Bitcoin (BTC)
  1201. VeChainThor (VET) Based OceanEx Exchange to Start Alpha Testing in November
  1202. OmiseGO (OMG) Recovering as Ecosystem Update Posted, Plasma Audit Successful
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  1229. The Same Equity Firm That Owns Korbit Exchange Just Acquired Bitstamp
  1230. Breaking: Bitstamp Sold to a South Korean Investment Firm
  1231. Three Years Later, Ethereum’s Hottest DApps Are (Still) ICOs and Cats
  1232. Bittrex Is Going Global with a New International Exchange Based in Malta
  1233. Korean Crypto Exchange Earns Key Government Cybersecurity Certification
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  1255. Falling Bitcoin Price Volatility Now Lower Than Tech Stocks
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  1258. BitPay CEO: We’re Bullish On The Bitcoin Blockchain, Even Amid Altcoin Boom
  1259. TRON (TRX) Constant Development: Price Attempt to Clear Monthly Tanking Trend
  1260. Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX) and Horizon (HZ) added onto NetCents’ Merchant Gateway
  1261. Electroneum (ETN) Surges 27% as New Fiat Trading Pairs Offered
  1262. BitGo, Crypto Startups To Put Bitcoin (BTC) On Ethereum Blockchain
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  1265. CEO of Visa Open to Embrace Cryptocurrency if the Market Moves that Direction
  1266. VeChain Enters Blockchain Partnership With Cyprus, VET Doesn’t React
  1267. UK Government Shuts Down Proposed Gold-Collateralized Cryptocurrency
  1268. There’s Still Hope For Cryptocurrencies In China As A Shenzhen Court Rules In Favor Of Bitcoin
  1269. IRS Advisory Committee Requests Clearer Guidance for Crypto Tax Code
  1270. TRON (TRX) Zooms Past BTC, ETH and XRP in Daily Transaction Volume
  1271. Crypto is Property: Chinese Court Upholds Citizens Rights to Own Bitcoin
  1272. Block One Yet to Release Audit Report clearing them of EOS Wash Trading
  1273. Bitfury May Be Mulling Over an IPO
  1274. Bitcoin ATM Saga: Indian Police Arrest Second Unocoin Co-founder
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  1281. CNBC’s Ran NeuNer Hints At “Coinbase IPO,” Confusion Ensues
  1282. Ripple’s XRP Doubles Institutional Money Pouring-In in Q3 2018
  1283. Introducing Ethermium: New DEX crypto exchange
  1284. Poloniex Revised Terms of Use, Shutters Services in Several Countries
  1285. Tech Giant Sony Creates A Multi-Purpose Crypto Hardware Wallet With New Security Features
  1286. Coinbase Lawsuit at a Standstill as Judge Grants Motion to Dismiss
  1287. Has Bitcoin (BTC) Become the New ‘Stablecoin’?
  1288. HUOBI Group Sets up Shop in Africa, Middle East and South Asia
  1289. Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson to Algorand Founder: “We Finally Have Some Real Competition”
  1290. Blockchain Releases Hardware Wallet Co-Developed With Ledger
  1291. Cryptocurrency Adoption: Australia Post Ventures into Digital Currency
  1292. Tom Lee Expects Bitcoin (BTC) to Be “One of The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies” of 2019
  1293. Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Price Analysis: Bullish Pin Bar Prints, BTC Could Recover
  1294. XRP, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ATM Seized By Indian Authorities
  1295. Stellar (XLM) Based Stablecoin To be Pegged to the Australian Dollar (AUD)
  1296. Huobi Group Reveals Expansion Plans to Africa, Middle East and South Asia
  1297. How Bitcoin (BTC) is 10,000 Times More Efficient Than Banks
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  1299. DeVere CEO: Cryptocurrency Market To Grow By 50x In Next 10 Years
  1300. Blockchain Verification and Decentralized Subversion in Cambodia
  1301. New Report: Crypto Market To Hit $1.4 Billion In Value Within The Next 5 Years
  1302. A New Australian Dollar-Backed Stablecoin Slated to Launch on Stellar
  1303. Stratis (STRAT) Certified Microsoft ISV – 20% Surge
  1304. The Past Month, Bitcoin Has Been Less Volatile Than NASDAQ, DOW and S&P 500
  1305. 3.5 Million Users Can Now Buy XRP using Credit and Debit Cards After Changelly–SimplexCC Partnership
  1306. Japanese Financial Services Authority Approves Self-Regulation for Crypto
  1307. Forbes Launches “Forbes CryptoMarkets”
  1308. Why do people hate Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies? Here’s 5 Common Misunderstandings
  1309. SEC’s Meeting with of SolidX, VanEck, and CBOE Paves the Way for a Bitcoin ETF
  1310. David Chaum on Digital Privacy: “The Cat Is Out of the Bag”
  1311. Introducing XRP United, The First Full Exchange Dedicated to the Digital Asset
  1312. Breaking News: Cryptocurrency Self-Regulation Approved by Japan’s FSA
  1313. Fidelity's Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology SVP Joins BLOQ as COO
  1314. TEMCO: “Foundation X” AND TEMCO PARTNERSHIP!
  1315. Op Ed: In Defense of Bitcoin: A Response to Nouriel Roubini
  1316. VC Firm Makes 100 Crypto Startup Investments, Fulfilling Four Year Pledge
  1317. Blockstack Looks to Boost Decentralized App Usage Through New App Mining Program
  1318. NANO Developers Cleared in Lawsuit over BitGrail Hack
  1319. Regulators Approve Coinbase to Offer Custody Services in New York State
  1320. Ripple’s XRP Instantly Recovers: Latest Opinions and News
  1321. A Year After Launch, BTCPay Has Grown Larger Than Its Creator Expected
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  1334. All Eyes On GoChain As It Records Double-Digit Gains After Winning Binance Competition
  1335. Bitmain Releases Overt AsicBoost Firmware for Antminer S9
  1336. Sign Ups Now Open on OceanEX, the Crypto Exchange Built for the VeChainThor (VET) Ecosystem
  1337. Monero Transaction Fees Reduced by 97% After Bulletproofs Upgrade
  1338. Blockchain Engineers are Earning Lucrative Salaries
  1339. Civic Looks to Expand Adoption With App-to-App Developer Tool
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  1347. Ravencoin (RVN) Continues Surge, Up 200% Since Binance News
  1348. Ripple Expands its List of Partnerships with MoneyNetInt and MoneyMatch
  1349. Qtum (QTUM) Story, Latest Partnership and Currently Outclassing NEM and Maker by Price – Prediction
  1350. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: $25k For Bitcoin (BTC) Still Possible, “People Are Too Bearish”
  1351. Siacoin’s (SC) Hard Fork to be Implemented on the 31st of October to Block Bitmain’s ASIC Miners
  1352. All Eyes On Zilliqa (ZIL) as its Mainnet Launch Approaches
  1353. This Week’s Verge Coin News: Nascar, a Partnership and XVG Mass Adoption Drive
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  1355. Tron (TRX) Based DApps Have More Than Doubled Since the TVM Was Activated
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  1357. CNBC’s Brian Kelly: Cryptocurrency Market To See “Institutional Herd” Arrive By Q1 2019
  1358. Litecoin (LTC) Transaction Fees To Be Drastically Slashed, Dev Calls For Adoption
  1359. New Audit Report: ICO Market “Worse Than We Thought”
  1360. Justin Sun:”It’s Just The Beginning” As Tron (TRX) Cruises Past Ethereum In Daily Transaction Volume – Possible Bull Run Loading?
  1361. SALT Adds Dogecoin (DOGE), “Very Lending, Much Liquidity”
  1362. Marco Santori on Airdrops and the “Complete Picture” of SAFT Regulation
  1363. Michael Arrington Moved $50 Million USD Worth of XRP In 2 seconds Spending Just 30 Cents in Fees
  1364. Bitcoin Magazine Week in Review: Stablecoins Take the Spotlight
  1365. Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Regulations by International Financial Task Force Imminent
  1366. Ethereum Constantinople Blockchain Upgrade Delayed Until 2019
  1367. Goldman Sachs and Mike Novogratz Announce Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Bitgo Seeking to Attract Institutional Investors
  1368. US-Based Company Becomes First to Get Cryptocurrency ICO Approval from Bermuda
  1369. Will there be a SWIFT – Ripple Partnership Soon?
  1370. Crypto Platform Huobi Launches ‘All-In-One’ Stablecoin Amid Tether Fears
  1371. Why Are Altcoins No Longer Getting Good News Boosts
  1372. Ethereum is Back on the Cryptoverse Spotlight, Drawing Attention of Both Developers and “Haters”
  1373. North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus Behind $571M in Hacks Since January 2017
  1374. CNBC: 2018 Bear Market “Opportune” For Crypto Merger & Acquisition
  1375. Ether Price Analysis: Historic Support Tested Amid Signs of Distribution
  1376. US-Based Bitcoin Hedge Fund To Cough Up $2.5 Million For Running A Ponzi Scheme
  1377. Mass Failure Rate Recorded in Inaugural Malta Cryptocurrency Agent Examination
  1378. Report: Tether Limited May Be Planning to Wind Down Operations
  1379. BREAKING: Binance is Now Back Online
  1380. Ethereum’s (ETH) Annual Developer Conference Is Less than 2 Weeks Away
  1381. Public Vs Private Blockchain: What’s The Difference?
  1382. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Approaching Crucial Support
  1383. Report: Despite Price Volatility Blockchain and Crypto Jobs Are In Demand
  1384. Russian Central Bank Reports Cryptocurrency “Fever” Is Waning
  1385. Decentralization Gains Traction: Go-Ethereum Fifth Most Active on Github
  1386. Billionaire Mike Novogratz Criticizes Tether, Bullish on Other Stablecoins
  1387. SEC Sets Up Open Line of Communication for Fintech Projects With FinHub
  1388. Vechain and a Major Multinational Firm Sign an Agreement in Front of The King and Queen of Norway
  1389. Braiins OS: An Open Source Alternative to Bitcoin Mining Firmware
  1390. Multinational Security Firm Launches Cryptocurrency Custodial Solution
  1391. New BitConnect Class Action Combines All Former Suits — And Targets Youtube
  1392. Elon Musk Sells “Boring” Flamethrower For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
  1393. U.S. Marshals to Auction Off $4.3 Million in Bitcoin
  1394. OmiseGO Close To Completing Plasma Integration
  1395. Blockchain-Powered HTC Smartphone Debuts October 22
  1396. Still think Cryptokitties is the most profitable game? These DApps will prove you are wrong
  1397. Rwanda Adopts Blockchain Technology to Combat Conflict Mining of Tantalum
  1398. Omni, a Start-up Advised by Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas, Integrates XRP
  1399. Why ZRX Was First On Coinbase Before BAT, ZEC, ADA and XLM, and Which is Next
  1400. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Looks Set to Rally Above $54
  1401. With a Functional Mainnet, Baidu Might Be the First of Many Partnerships For TRON (TRX)
  1402. Qtum (QTUM) Enters “Historic Partnership” With Amazon Web Services, Surges 5%
  1403. New Study Finds Fault With Cryptocurrency Decentralization
  1404. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bullish Continuation Breakout!
  1405. Ripple Reveals Another Global Financial Institution Using XRP-Powered xRapid
  1406. No Connection Required: How One Dev Sent Bitcoin While Off the Grid
  1407. Monero (XMR) “Bulletproof” Blockchain Upgrade To Go Live, Investors Bullish
  1408. CME Group: Bitcoin Futures Trading Is Up 41 Percent in Quarter Three
  1409. Cardano (ADA) Representatives from Emurgo and IOHK Applauded by their Supporting Community
  1410. A Bitcoin ETF is “Years Away,” Says The CEO of Pantera Capital
  1411. Canadian Blockchain Company Sees Opportunity in Newly Legalized Cannabis
  1412. Bloomberg: Colleges Are Learning to Handle Donations in Bitcoin (BTC)
  1413. Class Action Suits Launched Against Cryptocurrency Mining Investment Company
  1414. LINE Corp Announces Exclusive LINK Listing on BITBOX Cryptocurrency Exchange
  1415. Lawyers File Series of Civil Suits on Behalf of MGT Capital Investment Customers
  1416. India’s Zebpay Heads to Malta After Regulatory Issues At Home
  1418. Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading Accusations Taint Ox (ZRX) CoinBase Listing
  1419. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Remains Supported on Dips
  1420. Q3 2018: Binance Rakes In $85 Million, Burns 1.6 Million BNB
  1421. Ledger Nano S Wallet October Sale: Save 20%
  1422. Binance Completes its 5th BNB Coinburn, Reducing Total Supply by 1.64 Million
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  1425. BlockFi Now Offers Litecoin and Gemini Stablecoin-Backed Loan Options
  1426. Ethereum-Based 0x (ZRX) Goes Live On Coinbase Consumer, Surges To The Moon
  1427. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Consolidation Forecasts $3,500 Move
  1428. With New Exchange Listings and Demand, New Stablecoins See Pegs Broken
  1429. Indian Cryptocurrency Fraud Case Reaches Impasse
  1430. Huobi Joins OKEx in Adding Four New Stablecoins
  1431. Tezos (XTZ) Prices Surges Following its Kraken Listing: Declining Trend Broken
  1432. Ethereum Foundation Issues $3 Million in New Grants
  1433. Spatium and Binfinex coming together for the Ethfinex Governance Summit
  1434. Reshape Blockchain Security With BlockSafe Technologies – [BTC Media Sponsor]
  1435. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Spike Higher to Be Sustained?
  1436. BitPay Fronts Gemini Dollar and Circle’s USDC as they Keep Away from Tether
  1437. ICON (ICX) Increases Ties With South Korean Government
  1438. Tron (TRX) Developer Update: 90 Smart Contracts Deployed and Counting
  1439. Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Bulls Push for Reversal, Quick Pullback Happening
  1440. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD’s Bullish Case Scenario
  1441. As Tether’s Peg Slips, Bitcoin Price Is Distorted Across Market
  1442. Crypto Startup Coinbase Doubles Down On Expansion Efforts
  1443. Fidelity Unveils New Institutional-Grade Cryptocurrency Investment Service
  1444. XRP Is On A Bull Run As The White House Expresses Support For Ripple
  1445. OKEx Lists Four New Stablecoins
  1446. Tether ‘Bank Run’ Concerns Reach New Heights, USDT Falls 4% Below Peg
  1447. Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell's X2 Games Acquired by Global Blockchain
  1448. Fidelity Debuts Institutional Trading and Custody Platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  1449. Talking Crypto-Investing With CoinFund’s Founder and “Chief Alchemist”
  1450. Russian Church Docked $15,000 for Illegal Bitcoin Mining
  1451. IMF, World Bank Set Framework Around Fintech Advances
  1452. Ethereum (ETH) Becomes First Base Currency on Bithumb’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  1453. SimpleFX Makes CFD Trading Fast and Easy Like Never Before with the Launch of the New SimpleFX WebTrader Tool
  1454. Binance Uganda Officially Launched, Pairs the Ugandan Shilling with BTC and ETH
  1455. EOS Price Analysis: EOS/USD’s Rejection Near Key Resistance
  1456. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP ATMs Launch In India To Bypass RBI Ban
  1457. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Remains At Risk Below $52
  1458. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Still Buying on Dips?
  1459. Ethereum (ETH) Founder Claims He is Not a Billionaire–Should We Care?
  1460. Ripple in the Talks with Trump’s Administration Also XRP Not = Ripple: Chief Market Strategist
  1461. Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Says He Is Interested in Monero (XMR)
  1462. ‘We are in Active Communication with Binance,’ Says Bytecoin (BCN) Team
  1463. How IOTA Might Create Smart Contracts to Crowd-fund Projects on the Tangle
  1464. The XVG Website Translation Project and More Verge Coin News
  1465. Jimmy Song: “EOS is a Scam,” “BCH Has No Reason to Exist” and ETH is Amateurish and Stupid
  1466. Bithumb Sells $350 Million Stake in Its Cryptocurrency Exchange to a Blockchain Consortium
  1467. Is 2018 A Waste if Bitcoin (BTC) Prices Don’t Recover?
  1468. Stellar Lumens (XLM) Latest News Signaling how Firms are After the Crypto-Tech
  1469. Cardano (ADA) Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson Dissatisfied with Cardano Foundation Performance
  1470. CFTC Chair: Crypto Market Is Maturing Through Institutional Adoption
  1471. Ethereum Hard Fork Test Goes Awry, “No Constantinople In 2018” Developer Says
  1472. U.S. Regulator Cracks Down on Fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings
  1473. Bitcoin Scam: Thailand Police Finally Nabs Kingpin in Popular Cryptocurrency Scam
  1474. Singapore’s GCOX Has Announced Plans to Launch Manny Pacquiao’s Cryptocurrency
  1475. The Fallacy of High Supply, Low Price: Bitcoin Would be SIX TIMES more Valuable than XRP with Same Circulating Supply
  1476. Baidu Speculated as Tron’s New Secret Partner as TRX Thrives in the Markets
  1477. Litecoin (LTC) Trading on the Gemini Exchange to Commence on the 16th of October
  1478. Tron (TRX) Beats Crypto Market, 10% Gains On TVM Activation, “Giant” Partnership
  1479. Coinbase Ditches Its Index Fund in Favor of a New Retail Feature
  1480. Crypto Market Bounces, Ethereum (ETH) Surges Amid Short Seller Qualms
  1481. Crypto Cybercrime Has Tripled Since 2017; Nearly $1 Billion Lost in 2018
  1482. SEC Sues Blockvest ICO for Making False Claims
  1483. Coinbase Has Just Added ZRX, Its First ERC-20 Token
  1484. Hackers Have Stolen Nearly $1 Billion from Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Says Report
  1485. Singapore-based Blockchain Consortium Buys Majority Share in Bithumb
  1486. eToro Lowers Crypto Trading Spread Fees to Promote Investments
  1487. Ripple XRP Voted as The Best Crypto to Buy Under 1$
  1488. Tron’s Technical Manager says TRX is more decentralized than BTC, ETH or EOS. New projects revealed
  1489. Introducing The Liquid Network: Blockstream Is Running A Revolutionary Bitcoin Sidechain – Exchanges Want It Badly
  1490. Roubini Faces Off With Coin Center’s Van Valkenburgh at Senate Hearing
  1491. Justin Sun: TRON to Partner With a ‘Tens of Billions USD Valuation’ Industry Giant
  1492. ByteCoin (BCN) Delisted By a Second Exchange: OKEX
  1493. Ripple’s XRP Speedy Return Slows Down as Sellers are met at $0.4400
  1494. Kidbizo ICO Review: Kidbizo ICO Scam Alert
  1495. TRON Powered Poppy Payment System, To Bring TRX Adoption To the Mainstream
  1496. Top Coinbase Exec. Is Headed to Bakkt as its COO
  1497. Research: Coinbase Sees 80% Decline in Volume, Trader Count Since January 2018
  1498. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Approaching Line in the Sand for Bulls
  1499. “This Isn’t How We Saw This Going”: Civil’s Token Sale Is Treading Water
  1500. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Bearish Continuation Likely
  1501. SEC Obtains Emergency Court Order to Halt Questionable ICO
  1502. Harvard, Stanford Among Endowments Joining Yale in Cryptocurrency Investing
  1503. Anticlimax as Bitcoin Developers Advocate Alternatives Instead of Lightning Network
  1504. Crypto Volatility Returns: Bitcoin (BTC) Tumbles Under $6,300, Altcoins Tank By 10%
  1505. “OKCoin USA Will Launch a Fully Compliant [Yuan-backed] Stablecoin,” Xu Star Says
  1506. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Fake Out and Sharp Drop
  1507. Blockchain Business in Crypto Valley Has Doubled Since Last Year: Report
  1508. Bitcoin Mining in China is 30 Times More Profitable EVEN IN A BEAR MARKET
  1509. Report Links 74% of Bitcoin Mining to China, Sees Threat to Network
  1510. Tron (TRX) is Best Placed To Bring More Games Onto the Blockchain
  1511. Juniper Research Warns Bitcoin May be In For Implosion, Cites Low Volume
  1512. Binance Coin Now Accepted For Real Estate Purchases and 2 More Cases of BNB Adoption
  1513. Blockstream’s Liquid Network for “High Value” Bitcoin Payments Is Live
  1514. Will Satoshi Nakamoto Tweet Today,? Some Believe a Prediction From 1988 Says So
  1515. Report: About Half Of Crypto Exchanges Are Wide Open For Hackers
  1516. How Interledger Plans on Connecting All Blockchains Belonging to XRP, ETH, BTC and More
  1517. Pundi X (NPXS) Makes The World’s First Blockchain Based Phone Call
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  1520. Forbes Enters Blockchain Game, Partners With Civil
  1521. Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Correction from Bullish Trend
  1522. Japanese Internet Monolith GMO to Launch Yen-Pegged Stablecoin
  1523. Fundstrat Analyst: Don’t Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Just Yet, Be Patient
  1524. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Consolidation Primes Market for Big Move
  1525. Banco Santander to Expand Ripple (XRP)-Powered Payment Platform to More European Countries
  1526. With the CBAC, East Meets West in Search of Adoption and Innovation
  1527. WTO: Ripple Could Revolutionize International Business – Bitcoin, IOTA, And ETH Also Involved
  1528. Ethereum Based POA Network Launches Open-Source Block Explorer for ETH, ETC and POA
  1529. Cardano (ADA) Following EOS and TRON TRX Gain Continuation & Latest News to Read
  1530. Unlocking the Full Potential of IoT Farming – [BTC Media Sponsor]
  1531. U-Turn: Binance To Donate 100% Of Listing Fees To Charity
  1532. It Costs $20 to Launch a 51 percent Attack on Einsteinium and Less than $200 to Force a Hard Fork in Feathercoin
  1533. Chinese and US Investors Team Up to Create a Global Crypto Investment Fund
  1534. Tron (TRX) Launches All-In-One Tool Suite for Developers
  1535. Binance to Delist Bytecoin (BCN), CHAT, Iconomi (ICN) and TRIG
  1536. Guide to Consensus Algorithms: What is Consensus Mechanism?
  1537. How Blockchain and Aeron disrupting Aviation Industry
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  1542. UK's Oldest Crypto Exchange Prepares for Employee Layoffs
  1543. Justin Sun Bullish on TRON Development Community, BitTorrent Merger
  1544. Bitfinex Challenges Insolvency Rumors, Provides Proof of Wallet Reserves
  1545. Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) Miner Nabs Electricity, Authorities Crack Down
  1546. Binance to Make Listing Fees Transparent, Give Proceeds to Charity
  1547. Ripple Goes Global: XRP At Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics Petition Gains 10k Signatures
  1548. goTenna and Samourai Wallet’s New Mobile App Works Without Internet Access
  1549. Bitcoin Price Update: Breakout Imminent as Price Looks to Move Beyond Descending Triangle
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  1556. Binance Locks Down User’s Wallet Holding 1200 BTC
  1557. DApp Developers Are Key In Making Tron (TRX) Great
  1558. Binance’s CEO and Team, attend Malta’s First Ever Blockchain Summit
  1559. Improving Ethereum (ETH) Is A Better Option than Creating New Blockchains
  1560. Japan Appoints Blockchain-Supportive New Minister of Science and Tech
  1561. Stellar Lumens (XLM) Follows Ripple’s XRP Price Decline: BitGo to List XLM & Dash
  1562. Ripple’s XRP Rise! Also Attempt to Stay Above $0.5000 as it Breaks Weekly Declining Trend
  1563. Vitalik Buterin’s Separation from Ethereum [ETH] Already in Progress?
  1564. Latest Litecoin (LTC) News: Amazon Gift-cards and Planned Listing on CEX.io
  1565. CoinBase Chronicle of Events Pointing to a Crypto Super Rally in Weeks to Come
  1566. Tron (TRX) To Host a 2 Day Developer Conference in San Francisco, January 2019
  1567. Pantera’s Digital Asset Fund Down 72% In 2018, Bitcoin (BTC) ‘Only’ Down 50%
  1568. Blockstream Co-Founder: Scaling Bitcoin (BTC) Doesn’t Require A Hard Fork
  1569. Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Taps HSBC For Banking Services
  1570. Why Ethereum’s Price is Due for a Huge Boost
  1571. Yale University Investing in $400 Million Cryptocurrency Fund
  1572. XVG Debit Cards and more Verge Coin News
  1573. List of Tools Availed by Cardano Rust Project to Fast-track Network Decentralization
  1574. ZAIF Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack: Victims Yet to Be Compensated.
  1575. Charlie Lee and Roger Make a Friendly Bet About Lightning Network
  1576. Op Ed: Why Is There So Much Talk About a Bitcoin ETF?
  1577. Crypto Startup Circle To Acquire SeedInvest, Aims To Bolster Services
  1578. Famed Endowment Manager Invests Yale’s Money in Crypto Funds.
  1579. What Bitcoin Did Gets Technical with Crypto-Educator Jimmy Song
  1580. Circle Poised to Acquire Equity Crowdfunding Platform SeedInvest
  1581. [promoted] Stackr: The Dawn of a Digital Asset Savings Solution
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  1586. Legendary Artist Soulja Boy Enter Crypto World With “Bitcoin” Rap
  1587. Cryptocurrency Transactions are Traceable, Says DHS and ICE to US Congress
  1588. Federal Election Committee Asked to Consider Crypto Mining for Political Contributions
  1589. EOS (EOS) Latest Headlines to Read: Price to Re-Test Weekly Highest
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  1591. Ripple Blockchain-Powered Mobile Payment App ‘MoneyTap’ Comes Online in Japan
  1592. Op Ed: There Is a Satoshi of Truth in Every Joke
  1593. Binance Invests $2.5 Million in Australian Blockchain Travel Startup
  1594. U-Turn: Novogratz Calls For Bitcoin (BTC) At $9,000 In 2019, Not 2018
  1595. IOTA Support on The Ledger Nano S is a Possibility In the Next Few Weeks
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  1597. OAG Verdict Necessiates Regulation of Centralized Crypto Exchanges
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  1599. BitTorrent’s Recently Launched µTorrent Web, Passes 1 Million Daily Active Users
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  1601. Abra One-Ups Coinbase With ‘Basket’ Crypto Investment Product
  1602. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Another Bullish Breakout Attempt?
  1603. Circle-Backed Poloniex Drops U.S. Crypto Margin Trading, Delists 3 Altcoins
  1604. Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Is Released: Here’s What’s New
  1605. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Announces Strategic Partnership With Hyperledger
  1606. In Search of Stability: An Overview of the Budding Stablecoin Ecosystem
  1607. Tom Lee Mocks Central Banks: “Do you like SWIFT because it’s backwards-compatible to the abacus?”
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  1611. Bitfinex To Undergo 2 Hr Infrastructure Maintenance Tomorrow, October 4th
  1612. Bitcoin Foundation Challenges “French BitLicense” Proposed in PACTE Bill
  1613. Major U.S. Institution Bank of America Bullish on Blockchain Market
  1614. Lyn Ulbricht Speaks Out on the Anniversary of Her Son’s Incarceration
  1615. This Wall Street Backed Crypto Exchange Could Rival Bakkt
  1616. Brave CEO Pens Letter to Senate Committee Asking for GDPR-Like Privacy Regulation
  1617. How Institutional Investors Might Be Accumulating Bitcoin (BTC)
  1618. [promoted] How Invictus Capital Is Reshaping the Landscape of Cryptocurrency Investing
  1619. Universal cryptocurrency wallet Infinito Wallet integrates Coinfirm AML Platform and allows users to check risk rating of counterparties
  1620. Nano (NANO) Announces v16.1 Update Fixing Various Existing Issues
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  1628. Here’s Stellar’s (XLM) New Decentralized Exchange With Zero Fees
  1629. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Receive Recognition for Financial Impact Over Last Decade
  1630. The Tron (TRX) Wallet Keeps Getting Better and Better
  1631. Trump Appointee and CFTC Chairman says ‘Crypto is Here to Stay’
  1632. We Promise: Coinbase To Expand Its Digital Asset List
  1633. Cardano Launches Rust Project to Entice Third-Party Developers
  1634. BitMEX Reports ICOs Are Breaking Even
  1635. BitMEX’s New COO Angelina Kwan Joins the Crypto Space at “An Exciting Time”
  1636. NEM (XEM) Showcases Double Digit Gains as Crypto Market Leader [XRP, Stellar, Ethereum] Slow Down
  1637. Australian and New Zealand Customs to Fine Visitors who Won’t Give Up Phone and Laptop Passwords
  1638. Zebpay Alternatives For Indians To Trade Cryptocurrencies In 2018
  1639. Delion API Allows IOTA Payment Using Email–But there is a Problem
  1640. NEO Ecosystem Growing With Two New Tokens Added
  1641. Ripple’s xRapid Goes Live With 3 Financial Institutions, XRP Adoption Incoming
  1642. Monero (XMR) Community Tackles Crypto Malware Scene
  1643. Cardano (ADA) Founder Announcing Digital Wallet – XRP and BCH Only Weekly Gainers
  1644. EmTech Brings Gold on The Blockchain
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  1651. BitTorrent Will Pay Users With Tron (TRX) For Seeding
  1652. Tether (USDT) is the King of Stablecoins dominating Over 90% of Stablecoins Market
  1653. “Cryptocurrencies Are The Inevitable Future of Money,” Malta Says At The U.N General Assembly
  1654. Block.one CEO Speaks On EOS (EOS), Bitmain IPO, Crypto Market
  1655. Chinese Bitcoin Billionaire Unexpectedly Exits Crypto Industry, Controversy Ensues
  1656. EOS voter collusion – Huobi denies receiving payments
  1657. New PoC – Proof of Concept by IOTA’s team Showcased on Sep 27 Major Event
  1658. Here Is the First Game On the Tron (TRX) Network
  1659. 36% of BTC in Circulation Is Lost, Making Bitcoin Technically More Scarce
  1660. Ripple’s XRP Going for the $0.6000 While Leading the Weekend Bulls
  1661. Californian Crypto Startup Falls Victim To $14M Hack, Two Men Arrested
  1662. Opera Enables Built-in Ethereum Support, Integrating Web3 Capabilities
  1663. Leading Analyst: $6,000 Is Key For Bitcoin (BTC), Momentum Is Reversing
  1664. US Congressmen Urge SEC for Regulatory Clarity Regarding Cryptocurrencies
  1665. Ripple Taking a Proactive Approach to Cryptocurrency Industry
  1666. How Many Is Too Many? UK Crypto Startup To Issue Stablecoin
  1667. Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Strong 7 days: Promising Milestone Awaits
  1668. Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Under the Microscope
  1669. No More Fiat! Samourai Wallet Will Not Show Bitcoin Balances in Fiat Equivalent
  1670. Tron’s TVM To Be Activated By October 8th and other TRX Updates
  1671. RippleNet’s ‘Multi-Hop’ Feature to Ease Cross-Border Transactions in S. East Asia
  1672. Why Ethereum (ETH) Is Well Placed to Tokenize Securities
  1673. Crypto Startup MetaMask Marks Ethereum (ETH) DApp As A Scam
  1674. Crypto Task Force Bill Passes House of Representatives, Moves to Senate
  1675. On the edge of transformation: payments go crypto
  1676. New Impact Ledger to Raise Awareness of Blockchain Projects for Social Good
  1677. Pornhub’s Crypto Integration Of Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX) Met With Mixed Results
  1678. Monero Releases Malware Response Group and Successfully Patches Burn Bug
  1679. Former Swiss Bankers Launch Multi Millionaire Crypto Bank
  1680. Blockchain’s Report Examines Benefits (and Failures) of Today’s Stablecoins
  1681. Swiss Asset Trading Company Launches Commodity Backed Cryptocurrency
  1682. SEC Charges Forex Broker for Illegal Securities Swaps Involving Bitcoin
  1683. Milestone for Cardano and Infinito Wallet: First Mobile Wallet App Support
  1684. Caitlin Long and Saifedean Ammous Debate the Future of Cryptocurrency
  1685. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Dips Remain Well Supported
  1686. Electroneum (ETN) Spikes 50 Percent Despite Low Trading Volume
  1687. Ethereum (ETH) Will Reach $1,900 Before the End of the Year, Says Tom Lee
  1688. Bitmain IPO Prospectus Reveals Offering May Be a Gamble for Investors
  1689. Coinbase-Backed Compound Launches, Users Can Short Ethereum (ETH), 0x (ZRX), Augur (REP)
  1690. Federal Judge Rules Cryptocurrency MBC Is a Commodity
  1691. Gemini And Bittrex Add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fiat Support Amid Bitmain Pump
  1692. AT&T Dives Into Blockchain Solutions With Microsoft Azure, IBM Blockchain
  1693. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Finally a Triangle Breakout!
  1694. U.S. Congress Nixes Bill For Crypto Task Force
  1695. Ripple Launches ‘Ripple for Good’, Commits $100M to Focus on Education and Financial Inclusion
  1696. Leading Blockchain and Gaming Companies Form Blockchain Game Alliance
  1697. Malta’s Cryptocurrency Regulations Come into Effect in November
  1698. Former UBS Bankers Are Building a Crypto Bank in Switzerland
  1699. Congress Urged to Step Up Cryptocurrency Legislative Efforts
  1700. Coinbase Rolls Out Crypto “Bundles” and New Educational Resources
  1701. Cryptocurrency Related Laundering leading to Sydney Based Couple to be Arrested
  1702. Bitcoin (BTC): Massive Price Swing on the Cards Following Prolonged Volatility Contraction
  1703. ETHLend Announces Launch of New Parent Company ‘Aave’
  1704. Swiss Startup Secures $100m Investment to Launch a Cryptocurrency Bank
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  1711. Op Ed: The Adoption Fallacy of Decentralized Applications
  1712. West Virginia to Use Blockchain-Based App For Voting
  1713. Overstock.com CEO Acquires Stake in Blockchain Land Registry Startup
  1714. Mt.Gox Trustee Confirms Past BTC Sell Offs
  1715. Coinbase Announced New Asset Listing Program
  1716. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Pumps as Bitmain Looks Set to File IPO in Hong Kong
  1717. IBM/MIT Connection Science Issue Report on the Role of Blockchain in Government
  1718. Frank Chaparro: A Bitcoin ETF “Doesn’t Matter For The Price”
  1719. Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Begins Trading
  1720. Infinito Wallet is The First Universal Mobile Wallet for ADA!
  1721. Why Cryptocurrency will Revolutionize E-commerce and Enrich Small Business
  1722. SBI Ripple Asia Attains Payment License for their Revolutionary Money Tap App
  1723. Ripple’s Website Gets Updated, RippleNet Showcased as Sole Payments Solution
  1724. Infinito Wallet is The First and Only Universal Mobile Wallet for ADA!
  1725. Waves (WAVES) Smart Contracts to Go Live Today
  1726. Ripple’s XRP Returning Above $0.50 and Again Leading the Crypto Market Recovery
  1727. Monero (XMR) Developers Disclose “The Burning Bug,” Funds SAFU
  1728. Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis: Resistance Turned Support at Double Bottom Neckline
  1729. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Next Bullish Targets
  1730. Study Finds Cryptocurrency Investors Maintained Position Through Bear Market
  1731. Breaking: Coinbase To “Rapidly Add Digital Assets” With Listing Process
  1732. Google Reverses Cryptocurrency Ad Ban – New Policy Takes Effect in October 2018
  1733. Dogecoin (DOGE) Attempt to Not Obey the Bearish Market Trend: Latest News/Price Prediction
  1734. Battle of the Privacycoins: Zcash Is Groundbreaking (If You Trust It)
  1735. Minnesota’s US Congressman Fully Supporting Blockchain Tech Advancement
  1736. Cryptocurrency That Works Without Internet, mCoin Launches In Africa
  1737. Italian Soccer Giant ‘Juventus’ Unveils Cryptocurrency Token for Fans
  1738. Mt. Gox Trustee Confirms He Sold off $230 Million in Cryptocurrency
  1739. Bitcoin Price: Logarithmic Growth Means Bitcoin May Set Another All-Time High in 2018
  1740. All Eyes Are on Next Week’s Swell Event by Ripple
  1741. Guide to Coin Burning: What is Coin Burn and How Does it Work?
  1742. Bitcoin (BTC) HODLers Urged to Review its Code More Often
  1743. Renewable Energy Can Solve Bitcoin’s (BTC) Energy Consumption ‘Achilles Heel’
  1744. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Short-Term Channel Intact So Far
  1745. Researchers: North Korea Is Trading Crypto To Undermine International Sanctions
  1746. Andreessen Horowitz Backs Maker (MKR) With $15M Investment
  1747. a16z Puts $15 Million Behind Stablecoin Platform MakerDAO
  1748. Study Reveals Growing Sophistication in Malicious Mining of Cryptocurrency
  1749. 0x (ZRX) Outstanding Performance: Coin Story, Price and Latest News/Development
  1750. Brave Publishers Can Now Have Their Identities Verified with Civic
  1751. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Potential Reaccumulation Could Test Bear Trend
  1752. Vitalik: Ethereum (ETH) Can Scale to 500 tps Using ZCash’s ZK-SNARKs
  1753. New Study Argues Tether Wasn't Used to Prop Up Bitcoin Price
  1754. There is “No Evidence” To Prove that USDT Was Used To Manipulate Bitcoin (BTC) Price, Study Concludes
  1755. KuCoin Exchange Proudly Announces The Listing Of Crypterium (CRPT)
  1756. Singapore Determined to Become the First Country to Fully Embrace Cryptocurrencies and DLTs
  1757. US Crypto Exchange Gemini Eyes UK Market
  1758. Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Could Accelerate Above $65
  1759. U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer to Lead Pro-Blockchain and Crypto Legislation
  1760. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: More Bulls Waiting at Channel Bottom?
  1761. Taiwan Politician Receives Cryptocurrency Donation In First-Ever
  1762. Crypto Startup Blockchain Takes Fraudulent ICO To Court
  1763. Crypto trading volumes set to overtake US corporate debt in 2018
  1764. Stellar Lumens (XLM) Continues its Double Digit Trend While Ripple’s XRP Slows Down
  1765. Cardano (ADA) Showcasing Good Numbers Following Weiss Ratings Recommendation
  1766. Ethereum (ETH) Reclaims the Number 2 Spot After XRP’s Recent Surge in The Markets
  1767. New ICO on the Tron Network Plans To Create a Decentralized Exchange for TRX Tokens
  1768. XVG Developers Clarify Verge’s Codebase Does Not Have Bitcoin Core Vulnerability
  1769. Bitcoin Cash Fans Launch Bitcoincashtalk as an Alternative to Bitcointalk
  1770. Dogecoin (DOGE) Defies Red Market, Posts Slight Gain
  1771. Bitfury Launches New Generation of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining ASICs
  1772. Community Backlash: NY Regulator’s Claims About Crypto Manipulation Come Under Fire
  1773. Coinsquare Launches Blockchain ETF Following XRP Integration
  1774. Novogratz Discusses XRP Surge, Bitcoin (BTC) $10,000 Price Target
  1775. Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: The Resilience of Bitcoin
  1776. Binance to Unlock BNB Balances to Fix Circulating Supply Differences with Coinmarketcap
  1777. U.S. Congressman Drafts Blockchain Development Bills
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  1817. Czech Prime Minister Accuses Opposition Party Of “Doing nothing But Mining Bitcoin”
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Cryptocurrency NEO Hype

Major cryptocurrency projects such as Ethereum, XRP and EOS have taken the limelight in recent weeks however there is a lot happening at NEO also which deserves a closer look. NEO Price Prediction 2020

NEO Global Development (NGD) has just release its monthly report which highlights new developments and upgrades to the platform. The most interesting of those is the addition of two new tokens CNEO and CGAS to its blockchain. The C stands for contract which implies the tokens will be used specifically for smart contracts.

Both new tokens are pegged in value to NEO and GAS respectively and can be exchanged for them at market rates. The NEO ecosystem has often been referred to as ‘Chinese Ethereum’ as it too is a dApp platform rather than a simple currency or store of value. According to the blog post an increasing number of dApps on the platform has led to the need for a more diverse set of asset types.

“In response to requests made by the community, NGD has developed CNEO and CGAS, two contract assets that correspondingly map NEO and GAS, two global assets, to NEP-5 smart contract equivalents.”

The existing two tokens, NEO and GAS, cannot be easily utilized by smart contracts so the requirement to convert them to NEP-5 equivalents has arisen. Often custom tokens fail to garner recognition in the wider crypto community or fail to get listed on exchanges which is why the team has pegged them to the existing digital assets;

“Whenever any project issues a NEP-5 token for that contract, the community might not recognize its token or exchanges are not willing to list it for circulation. As such, it is costly for the project. The community then recommended to the NGD team to issue a NEP-5 asset pegged to NEO/GAS.”

The two new tokens serve as an addition to the platform rather than an upgrade since the blockchain has not been altered. The upgrade to the platform came in the core release of NEO and NEO-CLI 2.9.0. in September. A number of additional features focused on enhancing the safety, stability and flexibility of NEO nodes have been included. NEO 3.0 is still in the pipeline but it expected to bring a lot of changes to what has been described as ‘an entirely new version’.

NGD has been busy organizing more events and taking on more staff for its ever expanding operations. The NEO token itself has made 8% over the past week and is currently trading at $18.70 while GAS has made closer to 16% in the same timeframe and was trading at $5.90 at the time of writing.

The post NEO Ecosystem Growing With Two New Tokens Added appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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